Piedmont Breed Meat

Bred in Moncalvo and sold directly from us!

Piedmont Breed Meat

Since the 1980s the Bollito family bred Piedmont calves for producing high-quality meat. At the time, the calves were sold to the best butchers in the Moncalvo area, which has always been famous for the sumptuous ‘Boiled Dinner’.

In the 1990s, as a result of company strategies, breeding was stopped in favor of cultivating vineyards, flowers and plants which even today Piera and Lisa grow in the Family garden.

In 2011, the Bollitio family decided to sell their meat in the company’s farm shop and made the decision to breed once again female “della Coscia”, in the most natural way possible by using their company’s hay and cereal animal fodder.

The meat cuts are the classic Piedmont cuts

  • Head
  • Tongue
  • Boiled meat with bone
  • Flank Steak
  • Tip
  • Muscle
  • Chitterlings
  • Tripe
  • Liver
  • Round vein
  • Rotondino shoulder
  • Tenerone
  • Gallinella
  • Brutto e Buono (Ugly and Good)
  • Shoulder Fesotto
  • Ossobuco
  • Rump
  • Under Rump
  • Noce
  • Scamone
  • Thigh rotondino
  • Loin or rib
  • Under Fillet
  • Fillet

All our meats have a minimal maturation period which goes from 15 days up to 25 days, to ensure maximum softness and quality to the customer.

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